2 Month Update From Dad

So, Lorelei.  It’s down between you standing and my fingertip in your mouth huh?

For those wondering, she loves to suckle and chomp on my finger while standing in my lap. You know, like it offers her special super powers allowing her to stand. It’s cute as anything, but my fingertip ends up like a raisin.

I have a sneaky suspicion that I’ll be her teething ring when she gets older.  Not that I mind. She’s my little Evey Lou.

Busy Evening

Normally when I come home, I try and hold the baby as long as she’ll let me, so momma can get a break.  Not tonight.

I pretty much made two dinners while Margaret and the baby hung out with me in the kitchen.  It was nice having everyone in there, but I did feel bad that Margaret was still holding the baby.  She did have a sling on to help, but still.

Now we’re all in bed and the kitchen is all cleaned up.  Lorelei is asleep on Margaret and she is sleeping as well.  As for me, I have Lucas between my legs and Lily on my left leg. Both are sleeping.  So why am I still up?

Life saver


One thing that every new mom should purchase are a few good swaddling blankets!!! For naps and nighttime feedings there is nothing better. It helps to keep them for startling awake and recreates the soothing feeling of the womb.

There are tons of brands to pick from, but a few things I kept in mind before buying were the cost and the length of time she will be swaddled. I didn’t want a super expensive blanket because quiet frankly Lorelei hates being swaddled. She’s a regular Houdini when it comes to getting out of these things (although once I have her all wrapped up she’s out like a light), so spending a lot of money wasn’t an option for me. I also couldn’t bring myself to buy a high end swaddle blanket because normally you can stop swaddling by 3 months. Of course I’m no expert so I’ve posted some resource links below.

5 Reasons to Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling your baby

What are the dos and don’ts of swaddling

In the end after a lot of thought and research I purchased the Summer Infant SwaddeMe and the Just Born Simple Swaddle and we love them. I’ll let you choose which one is right for you and your baby.

Now comes the buttons


I absolutely love to knit cute things for my little girl, but I hate sewing on buttons! You have to find ones that match, pray you have enough in your stash, and then sew them on to the sweater/cardigan and it just all to much.

These two have been knitted up for a long time before Lorelei was born. All they needed were the dreaded buttons to be added. Yes, if you do the math, Lorelei is now 5 weeks old and I’m just now adding them. So what.. I procrastinate a lot.

Knitting again


during the last two trimesters of my pregnancy I had problems with my hands and was unable to knit very often and for very long. Now that Lorelei is here and I have a few minutes here and there I’ve been trying to finish this lovely blanket for her. I’m on a role and hopefully will be done by the end of the week. Now I’m just worried it might not be big enough. I’ll have to block it very aggressively to make sure I get it the size I want.