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This was a very nice relaxing day where we didn’t do much but lazying around the house.

* we had a nice walk this morning and evening

* read Lorelei her new book of poems

* took a nap with Lorelei

* spoke with mom on the phone

* worked on getting the announcements/thank you’s out to family and friends

* ate macaroni and cheese dinner

* did some knitting while Lorelei took a little nap


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Oh sweet girl, these 3 weeks have been mind blowing, over whelming, and absolutely wonderful. I’m so in love with being your mama and so in love with you.

  • you’ve grown so much and are already up to 8lbs 4oz
  • you still prefer your mama to all others (I think this hurts your papa’s feelings)
  • your faces are hilarious! we’ve discovered that you have 3 faces that you make most often. we have dubbed them Elvis, Popeye, and the Old Man.
  • you eat so much! you’re already up to 3 to 4 oz at every feeding.
  • you still sleep A LOT!
  • when you are awake you look around you and try to focus on items
  • you don’t really like clothing and prefer to be just in your diaper.
  • you love sleeping on my chest.
  • you love to snuggle with your papa in the mornings after nursing.
  • you are a morning baby at this time


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Finally caught her smile


Such a beautiful little girl! She got me wrapped around her little finger.

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Our hibiscus are blooming, we have baby cucumbers, and lots of tomatoes are popping out all over the place. Soon we will have this back yard looking just the way we want.


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Revolves around this miracle baby. We eat, sleep, shower, cook, clean, and all other normal day to day activities on her schedule. It’s been an amazing whirlwind 2 weeks. I’m wondering when I’ll start feeling like a real mom instead of just pretending like I’m playing house. :)

I’ve been debating on how to keep a record of these days, and decided that it would be best to save them here. Later I can pull these posts and make you a book of your first year along with photos. So here goes the first of the lists.. below are a few things I’ve noticed about you and me this week.

  • we both cry a lot!
  • we both sleep a lot!
  • you’re papa is going back to work next week
  • we’ve been dealing with nursing & pooping issues
  • we’re still trying to figure each other out
  • you weigh 7lbs 3.5oz
  • you are 21 in long
  • you flash secret smiles and we have no clue why
  • you love dancing with mama & papa
  • you love anything by Hall & Oats and David Gahan

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Laundry day every day



I knew that using cloth diapers would increase the amount of laundry we wash daily, but I didn’t realize how much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we went with cloth and are sticking with it, I’m just so surprised that a small child could have this much pee and poop. :)

We also have quite a few super soakers that we go through on a consistent basis. I’m thinking I should’ve knitted more then just the six small/medium soakers. I’ll have to get some new ones started ASAP!


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its been a triumph


this little experiment has been pretty successful. all the plants are thriving out side even with all the rain we’ve been getting. they’ve changed to a beautiful redish-purple color on the leaves that really stands out.

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I got the idea for my wipes from this post and based it on the castle soap recipe. I doubled the mix and stored it in a BPA free spray bottle. So far this mixture is working amazingly! The best part is this stuff is very cheep to make so we’re saving money on disposable wipes.

  • 1 tablespoon almond oil
  • 1 tablespoon Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castile Lavender Soap
  • 2 drops tea tree oil
  • 1 drop lavender oil
  • 1 cup water

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We brought Lorelei home just 5 days ago and it’s still not fully set in that we’re parents. We’re for real parents… we are responsible for a little person… it’s amazing. I keep thinking that someone is going to figure out that I have no clue what I’m doing and take her away from me.

Ever since the moment we found out about our little miracle baby I have been planning for the “perfect” birth. I planned for a smooth, straight forward water birth at home. I planned that we would be able to move directly into our own bed, and that all three of us would snuggle together for the rest of the day. I planned that we would get skin to skin contact immediately after Lorelei was born. I planned on delaying umbilical cord clamping so Lorelei would benefit from the additional iron. I planned everything down to the last detail. I even halfheartedly gave thought to planning on a hospital birth on the off chance that I would have to be transferred for medical reasons. I say halfhearted because I didn’t put a lot of thought or effort into it. The one thing I didn’t plan for was a C-section, but that’s the way it happened.

I was utterly devastated by the situation, but I had to make peace with the circumstances quickly, because they were rushing me in to the operating room before Darryl and I could completely take it all in. We were both crying, but knew we had to be strong for each other. Everything went fine with the operation. I was moved to recovery, once I was fully awake they took me to our room, and only a few seconds later Lorelei was brought into us. With the help of  Darryl and the nurse I was able to get skin to skin time with Lorelei and immediately started nursing. Anyone could see the three of us were drained (Darryl and I emotionally, and Lorelei physically) and tired from the 31 hours of labor that we went through at home. I was so ready to get some sleep, but I was also wired about finally having her in my arms. I couldn’t let Lorelei go and I was obsessively smelling and kissing on her all the rest of the day and night.

The nurses were wonderful, and I didn’t realize how much I relied on them until we got home. WOW! This mom stuff is so completely overwhelming (this could also be attributed to the hormones). Darryl has been an amazing partner and we’re both figuring out this parent role. We’re still working it all out, and I’m sure we’re still going to be working it all out 18 years from now.

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Back Yard Phase 1





Right now we’re working on getting this back yard in order. We’ve got more of a mish mash going on with the garden and several bushes that we’ve planted along the fence. Darryl started working on the fire pit, and we’ve made a plan to take apart the old swing set that came with the house and use the wood to outline the garden. We still have plenty to do, and I can’t wait to be out here side by side with Darryl,  Lorelei strapped to my chest, and digging in the dirt.

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okay, lets give this a go


We went to Lowes today to pick up a few things for the back yard and on a whim I grabbed some succulent plants. I’d never heard of them before and of course never grown them, but I was inspired by this post to try and start a little garden of my own. I did a little research and the plants seem fairly easy and simple to take care of and I think they would be perfect addition in the back yard. I decided the plan needed to be easy and simple as well. My goal is to start them outside in pots, which will make it easier to transfer them back inside when the temps start to fall. This should give them a few good months to take root and hopefully flourish. I’m already eying a few place in the house that I think would be ideal for them come this September. It will require some things to be moved around, but luckily I don’t have to think about that right now. I still have a few months to figure it out. Until then I’m going to enjoy them every time we venture outside to the back yard.

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Not only I and momma, but these hounds need to realize this is ALL about to change.

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I Just Found a Tick

Yup, momma is sleeping, Lily is between us, and Lucas is between my legs.  Everyone is asleep and what do I feel inside of Luke’s thigh? A nasty tick!

Make me puke!!!

Got some toilet paper and slowly pulled the tick out while not pulling too much hair off of his leg.

I really wish ticks didn’t exist.

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Sleeping Momma

I have to say, I enjoy watching Margaret sleep more now than ever.  Because when her hand rests on her tummy, I get to watch Lorelei move it every so often.

It’s so cute!!


Margaret is Pregnant!!

Can you believe that sexy hunk of woman got knocked up?

You know that kid is going to be hell on wheels.

Just sayin’. *spits*

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