2 Month Update From Dad

So, Lorelei.  It’s down between you standing and my fingertip in your mouth huh?

For those wondering, she loves to suckle and chomp on my finger while standing in my lap. You know, like it offers her special super powers allowing her to stand. It’s cute as anything, but my fingertip ends up like a raisin.

I have a sneaky suspicion that I’ll be her teething ring when she gets older.  Not that I mind. She’s my little Evey Lou.

2 Months


It’s been 2 whole months now and I’m still amazed by how much you grow every day!!

  • you weigh 10.5 lbs
  • you’re 24.5 inches long now
  • you look more and more like your papa every day
  • you’ll finally let your papa hold you except at night
  • you’re sleeping about 5 hrs at night, and waking up once to eat
  • you still want to be held all the time yet you hate to be carried in the Ergo or sling
  • you still prefer to be just in your diaper
  • you’re starting to move your legs like you want to crawl during tummy time
  • you’re grabbing on to our hands or the bottle while we’re feeding you
  • you love to play with baby doll and grab at it when I’m hold it up in front of you
  • your eyes are looking more and more hazel
  • you love to stand up and try to walk
  • you follow us around with your eyes
  • you love to people watch
  • you blow spit bubbles and get mad when I wipe your mouth
  • your favorite book is “Goodnight Gorilla” by Peggy Rathmann

Busy Evening

Normally when I come home, I try and hold the baby as long as she’ll let me, so momma can get a break.  Not tonight.

I pretty much made two dinners while Margaret and the baby hung out with me in the kitchen.  It was nice having everyone in there, but I did feel bad that Margaret was still holding the baby.  She did have a sling on to help, but still.

Now we’re all in bed and the kitchen is all cleaned up.  Lorelei is asleep on Margaret and she is sleeping as well.  As for me, I have Lucas between my legs and Lily on my left leg. Both are sleeping.  So why am I still up?